Moondrop opened its doors in July 2005 in a very small shop at the edge off the world famous red light district. Moondrop had a vision. A rave shop and more. Party people for party people. (Underground) party information, party clothes, funky accessories and much more. Within a year the shop became way to small and we decided to search for a better and bigger location. We found it in 2007.


Across the street from our already existing psychedelic smartshop Fullmoon, a shop  came free. This was our chance.. We got the place, made the big renovation en Moondrop new style was born. From the beginning we had succes but also some less good times. It took us a while to find the perfect concept but i can tell you... we came damn close to it! Every day the shop is visited by hundreds of people from all over the globe. With exciting brands as 100%Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror, Cyberdog, Couch UV splat wear, Innovision lens and Stargazer cosmetics there must be something satisfying for each and everyone off you in the shop or on this site.


Techno, rave and clubwear is what we are all about. Come take a look in our shop at Nieuwendijk 41-43  or take some time browsing through the site.. Enjoy!!!